Beyond You: The Weekend In Pictures

AdvoCare’s first ever Beyond You Event is a wrap!

We’re still riding the high of energy and positivity that came out of this weekend’s conference in Frisco, Texas! Friends, customers and distributors spent two days being part of the AdvoCare community, enjoying and building friendships, and being motivated and inspired for a new decade.

“It’s been such a long time since our AdvoCare community has gotten the chance to come together like this! We interact so often with our customers and distributors that they become like family, and we so look forward to connecting in person.” – Marcia Cota, Sr. VP Global Sales.

Beyond You: The Weekend In Pictures 2

Beyond You: The Weekend In Pictures 4

Beyond You: The Weekend In Pictures

Attendees came from all over North America and brought with them energy, positivity, and the desire to be and do better in their lives. They arrived to find awaiting swag and AdvoCare products, a place to create and grow relationships, and even an opportunity to assemble hygiene kits for Ronald McDonald House. Take a look at some of the faces and memories we’ll cherish, and share your favorites!

Thought leaders, authors, professionals and customers came together as one community to contribute to this inspirational milestone, and uplifting news was shared along the way. Let’s take a look at some highlights:

Judi Holler (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram)– “It’s hard to get stuck somewhere old when you are always trying something new!” The best-selling author of “Fear Is My Homeboy” led sessions both days, inspiring attendees to embrace their inner #FearBoss.


Neil Pasricha (Facebook – Twitter – Instagram)– “There’s always time to learn something new. There’s always time for a first time.” The New York Times bestselling author and positive psychology researcher had attendees riveted with the simple idea of being awesome, and happy.


Spark® Strawberry! After the persistent outcry from berry fans everywhere, Sr. VP of Global Marketing Christina Helwig and Sr. VP of Global Sales Marcia Cota announced that the hugely popular 2019 promotional flavor will now be a permanent addition to the AdvoCare product line! (order here)

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Amy Goodson – “Nutrition does not have to be hard, but you do have to be consistent about it.” Nutritionist Amy Goodson took the crowd through healthier choices for healthy lives, as well as talked about AdvoCare’s 24-Day JumpStart initiative. Amy’s fantastic contributions and tips can be found in the 24-Day JumpStart Facebook Group as well as on this blog. (Read also- “Top 10 Steps To Transform Your Eating Habits For Good“)

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2020 Incentive Trip: Cabo! Distributors learned the fall incentive trip destination will have lucky earners scrambling for sunscreen as they pack for the Four Seasons Resort Los Cabos at Costa Palmas!


Stories of Inspiration – We heard multiple stories from our fascinating AdvoCare community, and Dr. Lauren Horton and members of our Scientific & Medical Advisory Board spoke about product development and benefits, and recounted the life and achievements of Dr. Stanley Dudrick. (Read also – How One Man Changed The World)


Keilani and David – AdvoCare endorsers and professional USA athletes Keilani Ricketts (Team USA Athlete, Softball) and David Brown (Team USA Parathlete, Track & Field) absolutely brought down the house with their stories of dedication and perseverance.

And former NFL player David Thompson (BURN-Dallas) reliably got the crowd moving, especially during the group’s Saturday morning workout.


We at AdvoCare can’t thank our attendees and community enough for helping the inaugural Beyond You Event become such a resounding success. You may have noticed, we had an amazing weekend too.

“This event was such a tremendous success – it was exciting to see our community come together to encourage and motivate each other and show their AdvoCare pride!” 

Patrick Wright, AdvoCare CEO


For those who couldn’t join us for this first-of-its-kind event, you were missed! Ready yourselves for an amazing year with AdvoCare!

When was the last time you purposefully did something to scare yourself a little?
Maybe it was raising your hand to lead the next sales meeting, or asking for a raise, taking your first workout class you’ve wanted to try, doing something you wanted to do — alone , or having a tough conversation with a friend ?
These things can feel small , but they are gigantic steps forward.
My girl judiholler said it the best and I had to share ,
“Think about turtles for a second: little, cute, slow as molasses turtles. They are incredible fear role models. In order to move forward, literally, these turtles have to learn the comfort of their shells and stick their necks out. Turtles can only make progress when they are brave enough to come out of a safe place and see what’s going on around them. If they don’t do this , they risk staying in the same place forever and never seeing the world!” .
The same goes for you!! If you want to do anything amazing, if you want to have a comfortable life, YOU have to leave the comfort of your shell !! You have to stick your neck out from time to time , look at what’s going on around you and decide where you want to go next !
The more you do this, the easier it gets, and the braver you become ! ❤️❤️

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If I could put how I feel, after these past two days of filling my cup up, meeting new people, feeling the good, scratch that PHENOMENAL , there ain’t nothing like it type ENERGY, at #beyondyou2020 , I would.. All I can say is , I’m so .. so .. happy.
So happy I...
⭐️ Went out of my comfort zone— did a #fearexperiment as judiholler would say, and traveled ALL alone , to attend an event that the wonderful, advocare held, after all these years .. this one was the best one yet .. it just keeps getting better and better, I love it because they care, they care about people! Hence where the word Advocare comes from, “an advocate who cares”..
⭐️so happy I met some incredible people, I never would’ve got that chance if I wasn’t vulnerable and posted in a group to see who else was going to attend, alone or not but I was really wanting to meet new, inspiring people, in search for the same thing as me— good energy, being inspired, and filling their cups up!
⭐️so happy I took the time for MYSELF to fill myself with inspiration, positivity, good energy — SO that I can be the best version of MYSELF to inspire/ help / care for others that I love ❤️.. & serve others , what I feel I was meant to do!!!! Serve others to be the best they can and believe in them , until they believe in themselves
Because guess what??
I am worth it !
YOU are worth it ! & YOU need to believe that! .
NEVER ever hold yourself hostage from being the best version of you!!!!!!! EVER!
TAKE CARE OF YOU, make sure YOU are a priority !
Thank you so much for always supporting and reading/ listening to what I say! You all are the best !

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Haven’t bragged about these new and improved MEAL REPLACEMENT SHAKES , but here we go!!! The taste. The texture. The convenience. Gimme all (especially my fave flavor, chocolate peanut butter!)
•50% less sugar compared to our previous meal replacement shakes •Balanced meal for optimal nutrition •24 grams of easy-to-digest protein •High in dietary fiber (6 grams) •26 vitamins and minerals •Delicious CHOCOLATE, BERRY, VANILLA and CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER flavors !! .
advocare also will be keeping the existing plant - based Advogreens Meal Replacement shakes , salted caramel and chocolate chip cookie dough flavors 🌱 .
I love these as a quick pre or post workout meal! Or if I’m on the go during the day , so I don’t got hours without eating!
If you’re looking to save money on your first order, send me a DM!

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“When was the last time you did something for the FIRST time?!” Y’all - this lady is incredible! Empowering, inspirational, brave - just to name a few! Go check her out! judiholler #twinning #girlcrush #fearexperiment #fearismyhomeboy #AdvoCare #beyondyou2020 #advocareemployee ...

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Feeling honored in SO MANY WAYS! .
I started with a company 16 + years ago. And still today, I cannot express how impactful advocare has been on my family and those around us. I’ll always have their back, not because their perfect. But because they care, and they have always continued to get better, and better. A GREAT company to be a part of. #beyondyou2020 #advocare

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Oh spark, I love you!
Strawberry spark, I love you even more !!! It’s here to stay 🍓! If you don’t know, now you know!
If ya wanna try, now is your chance !
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Planning to try this Advocare product for gut health! #BeyondYou2020 Any friends take it already? Thoughts? ...

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